Where have I been?

I think we can all agree I have taken quite a big break from blogging and uploading!

I only have one excuse….. 

My camera has broken! 

I have been asking every camera/photography geek I know about my lens but nobody knows how to fix it 😒 *sigh* 

I promise that when I’ve got my camera fixed I will be back and regularly posting blogs! 




10 Facts About Me 

Hello everybody💕

Today I’m doing the ten random facts about myself tag! 

1) I am from Scotland , UK 

2) I became a vegetarian almost 2 years ago 

3) I have 6 pets! 

4) I am currently obsessed with the show ‘Stranger Things’ 

5) I began blogging in July 2016 

6) Something that annoys me is when people eat with their mouths open! 

7) I LOVE chocolate and all things sweet 

8) My favourite part of makeup is putting on lipstick

9) I play the drums and can sing 

10) I have geek glasses 

Tysm for reading💕

If you’re reading this comment a random fact about yourself! 

Bye 👋
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January favourites 

Hello everybody 😊

Happy February! 🗓📆

Today I am writing about my January favourites. On Christmas I got a lot of beauty/bath products so I was trying them out all last month. So I have quite a few favourites. 

1) Zoella ‘hungry hands’ hand cream 

Zoë Sugg aka Zoella brought out her new limited edition Christmas products and one of them was a gingerbread scented hand cream. 

This hand cream smells amazing and strongly smells of vanilla and spicy gingerbread. It’s super moisturising and leaves a subtle gingerbread scent all day.

2) Sleek Blush Palette 

Sleek are by far one of my favourite drugstore brands. With 2 beautiful orange/pink matte shades and a stunning shimmery pinky shade these highly pigmented blushes are a firm favourite. They stay on your face all day , don’t smudge or disappear within hours. 

3) Plum Rain Lush 

Lush recently brought out a new shower gel called ‘Plum Rain’. This deep purple shower gel smells of blackberries and plums. I was smelling of plums for at least 2 days! It really is my favourite shower gel from lush! (Other than snow fairy 😌) 

4) Makeup Revolution 

I have been loving the makeup revolution brand this month. They have such amazing high quality cheap dupes and have beautiful packaging. I’ve been especially loving the eyeshadow palettes!they are so pigmented and last all day! Not to mention how easily they blend.

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Happy New Year!  

Hello and welcome to my blog! 

Happy new year everyone , I hope you all had a great 2016 and a fab Christmas 🎅🏼

Today’s blog post is going to be my New Year Resolutions. I am determined to achieve all the things I’ve written down and not just give up like I’ve done every other year! 

1. Try harder at school 

2. Be myself around more people 

3. Have a healthier lifestyle

4. Make more friends 

I feel like these are more realistic resolutions 😂 So I’ll deffinetley try harder to achieve them. 

Bye 👋

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